Mimi Choi és una maquilladora d'origen canadenc que ha saltat a la fama gràcies a les seves increïbles i, en alguns casos, terrorífiques creacions.

Cares tallades, ulls a la boca, conques oculars buides, formigues bunyuelesques, rostres impossibles; la seva imaginació no té límits.

El seu compte d'Instagram compta amb més 274.000 seguidors i continua en augment. Un treball realment inquietant.

Thank you @businessinsider for the feature on Facebook! & # 10084; & # 65039; I really want to thank each one of you here who has supported em and my art throughout these past 3 years. It 's amazing how a little self-belief and hard work could impact your life. 3 years ago, I decided to change my career es a Montessori preschool teacher with no art background to become a professional makeup artist. a lot of people were shocked about my decisió but I decided it was time for me to stop letting mi fears determini mi path and step out of my comfort zone for onze. I started off with a little goal: to do mi best everyday, to make daily improvements no matter how small they are, and to keep track of my progress on Instagram. I got into illusion makeup because it was the most Challenging style to me. I started doing it regularly because I was fascinated by the amount of self-learning and trial and error required each time, even though I did not think Anybody wo uld be into it because these makeups are not wearable. I do it simply for myself as a self-improvement exercise. I never Imagined that one day people would notice it and that I would be getting the kind of job opportunities that I'veu been getting. I guess all I'ma trying to say is that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. It 's true when people say whether you think you can or you can not, you'r right. I believe that the happiest and most successful people are not the most talented, prettiest or wealthiest, but the ons who believe that they can turn their dreams into reality, who are not afraid to test out their crazy idees, who work hard, and who show gratitude. You really only live onze. Nobody can save you but yourself. & # 10084; & # 65039;

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